Ubud, Bali->Borobudur Temple tour from Yogyakarta

Borobudur is one of the world's largest Buddhist monuments built around 800 AD and is accessible by car from the city of Yogyakarta, central Java, Indonesia.

From Bali, I took the first flight to Yogyakarta in the morning and arrived in Yogyakarta in about one hour. In order to visit the Borobudur ruins, I asked a local travel agency to charter a car with a driver and a guide who can speak Japanese. In this itinerary, we arrived at Borobudur in the evening. It is a pattern of staying at a hotel on the site just next to Borobudur and observing Borobudur in the morning the next day.

The hotel on the Borobudur site is called Hotel Manohara, but it is the only hotel that can access Borobudur even if the gate of Borobudur is closed. At night, you can see this sight from the photo below, and you can worship sunrise from Borobudur in the early morning.

Light up of Borobudur

Hotel Manohara is a cottage style one-story building. The restaurant is open air and there is a show at night. It is quite recommended.

Hotel Manohara in Borobudur

The next morning, I did not participate in the sun rise tour, which goes out early in the morning with a separate fee. I climbed Borobudur before breakfast just in time. The sun appeared from the right shoulder of Murapi Volcano.

The sun rise of Borobudur

Stupa lined up at the top of Borobudur ruins. The people here must have set up the camera early in the morning at an extra charge.

Top of Borobudur

It is said that the mountain seen in the back is similar to the figure of lieing buddha when viewed from Borobudur. It certainly looks like that.

Mountain of lieing buddha near Borobudur

I asked the guide to take a commemorative photo with my second son who wanted to come to Borobudur.

Commemorative photo at Borobudur

The highlight of Borobudur is not only the size but also the scale and sophistication of the reliefs stretched around the corridor. Since the building is a relatively simple stupa shape, the same Buddhist archeological site Bayon Temple in Cambodia has a better view.

Borobudur relief

Reliefs stretched around the corridor surrounding Borobudur Temple cannot be fully introduced, but they depict the life of Buddha and those based on Indian mythology.

Borobudur relief

This is a relief of a famous ship. Such a ship would have come and go around Indonesia.

Borobudur relief

You can see that reliefs are stuck around the corridor surrounding Borobudur.

Borobudur relief

The whole view of Borobudur looks like this. Anyway, it's big, so it's quite difficult to shoot the whole picture. If you divide them into multiple pieces and connect them later, you will get a beautiful photo.

Panoramic photo of Borobudur

The Borobudur ruins as a World Heritage site include the ruins of Pawon temple in the photo below and the ruins of Mundut temple.

Pawon temple Mundut temple

Borobudur tour from Yokyakarta

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