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Ubud Walking Tours

In Ubud, several walking tours are available. It was really a fun to walk through very green farming area with a knowledgeable local guide.

One day during my stay in Ubud, I took a walking tour through the countryside outside Ubud. It was published in an information magazine distributed in the city of Ubud, and since it is a Bird Walk, it should be a bird-watching tour. However, the guide woman is also familiar with insects and plants, and will be able to enjoy various explanations while walking. The schedule is to gather and start walking after breakfast, and end with lunch at a restaurant where you can meet with guides and other participants.

This bird walk was also posted on TripAdvisor and was highly rated by reviews. I heard that it was posted after returning home.

Ubud walking tour Ubud walking tour

The picture below is a large kingfisher, Java Showbin. Below the Javan bin is a heron. The guide will tell you all the bird names, but it's in English.

Ubud Java Show Bin

Grandmother of a farmhouse. Ubud just takes a step outside and you can see that Balinese life continues.

Ubud walking tour Ubud walking tour

Have you used it for a festival? There was left. Is it a Hindu god statue?

Ubud walking tour

A beautiful green lizard. It was easily caught.

Ubud walking tour Ubud walking tour

I'm listening to an explanation from a guide. You can borrow binoculars.

Ubud walking tour

If the weather is nice, a very pleasant road will follow.

Ubud walking tour Ubud walking tour Ubud walking tour

A stone statue of a Hindu temple near the end of the tour. Probably Landa. There are two types of Randa statues, one that eats children and the other that feeds children. This is the latter.

Ubud stone statue of Randa

After walking, all the participants had a meal. The tour price included the lunch fee.

Ubud walking tour
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