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Yeh Pulu Ruins are famous for their relief in the neighboring village of Buduru near Ubud. Everything is said to be around the 14th century before this area of ​​Bali was Hinduized.

Relief famous for Ye Pur is about 25 meters wide. Ancient mythology is depicted as a relief motif. There are statues of Ganesh, but was it added after Hinduism came in?

Pay the entrance fee at the entrance of the Yehpur ruins and go down the stairs to the ruins. Guides hang out near the entrance, but it would be better to ask for one guide to tell the meaning of the scene drawn on the relief.

If you go down the stairs, you will find an old-fashioned water place where water comes out of the mouth of the stone statue. It seems that local people are still using it, and some people were bathing and fetching water.

Yeh Pulu Water Station

The road leading to the relief of the Yeh Pulu ruins is a pleasant path through the trees, hardened with concrete and easy to walk.

the road to the Yewpur ruins

You can see that there are paddy fields and duck breeding grounds around the Yeh Puru ruins, and it is a place for locals to live.

paddy field around Yeh Pulu ruins

In front of the relief of the Yeh Pulu ruins, listen to the guide's commentary. The relief is not as intimidating as there is in a Buddhist ruin in Japan, but a mythical story is drawn, which is rather humorous.

relief of the Yewpur ruins

Look at the full screen of the relief of the Yeh Pulu ruins. Each photo has been taken slightly overlapping so that the order can be understood. It was taken from the left side of the relief to the right.

relief of the Yewpur ruins relief of the Yewpur ruins relief of the Yewpur ruins relief of the Yewpur ruins relief of the Yewpur ruins relief of the Yewpur ruins relief of the Yewpur ruins relief of the Yewpur ruins relief of the Yewpur ruins

The photo on the right, the old lady on the right, is the person who manages this site, such as cleaning it. There is still a caste system in Hindu Bali, and the person who performs the cleaning belongs to the lowest caste. The Yeh Pulu ruins are still a subject of faith for the local people, so they seem to live away from the people who visit.

An enlarged photo of a statue on the left of the grandfather, probably a Hindu Ganesh god. It is fitted into the wall in the atmosphere that was attached later. And as you can see, it is still a subject of faith.

Ganesh image of the Yeopur ruins

There is a small temple behind the mural of the Yeh Pulu ruins, where holy water is drowned. You can see that water is very important in Bali.

God water of the Yewpur ruins

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