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Bali's Barong Dance is a dance drama depicting the endless battle of the holy beast "Barong", the symbol of justice, and the witch "Randa", the symbol of evil. Baron Dance is performed in various parts of Bali, and we saw the performance of a town called Batubulan between Denpasar and Ubud.

Batubulan has a Hindu temple called Puseh Temple (Pra Puseh). It is an elaborate temple, but it does not seem to be an old building. Next to this is the Barong Dance outdoor theater.

Puseh Temple in Batubulan

The performance of the orchestra starts before the start of the Barong Dance, enlivening the atmosphere.

Baron Dance Orchestra

The Barong Dance is long, so I can't show you everything, so please watch a part of it with a video. I think that you can enjoy it if you read the story in advance.

This is probably the holy beast "Barong".

Baron Dance

Barong Dance Show in Bali

If you like to see Barong Dance Show while you are in Bali, please choose one.

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