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When I went out of Ubud to go to suburbs such as Gurung Kawi. There were a lot of animals on the street along the streets. There were a lot of animal images and bamboo buds or shrines.

If you ask a car driver if you think there is a festival, you will call this a Gaben at a funeral in Bali. Even if it is a funeral, it is precisely a ceremony to cremate the body. In Bali, the corpses are once buried, dug up at the time of the cremation, and placed in an animal-shaped cage, and then transported to the crematorium.

Since the whole area is preparing for cremation all at once, it seems that it seems that it is not so if you think that it is such a rule. According to the driver's story, if individual households are cremating each other, it will be difficult to use the crematorium and the delivery of the crematorium, so it will be done together.

The photo below, the black one behind is probably a cow, and the two in the front are apparently fish. There is a caste system in Bali, and the animals you make are different depending on the caste.

Bali Gaben

They are lined up.

Bali Gaben
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