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Balinese Kecak

Bali's Kecak is an entertainment that spreads mainly in Ubud. Originated like a dance performed in a traditional Balinese ceremony, it is now a performing art performing the story of Ramayana.

I visited Taman Kaja, a performance by people from Taman Village. It is not performed by a specific group of entertainers, but by the members of the village. The admission fee seems to be the cost of maintaining the temple and the village. Actually the borrowed holiday house is in Taman village, and when walking along the road in the village, it was like a man in the neighborhood calls out to "buy tickets".

The feature of Kecak is the voice and dance of “Ketchakekake…”, but the role of many men is BGM and stage equipment, and the performers appear as characters with their respective roles.

In fact, it was a pretty long performance and my 3-year-old daughter fell asleep on the way. You can see a part of the video on Youtube.

Do you like to see a Kecak Performance?

There are some tours that iclude Kecak dance. If you are in Ubud, I recommend just go to Taman Kaja and buy ticket there. Ticket for Taman Kaja Kecak dance is not available online.

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