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Penataran Sasih Temple is an old tomb near Ubud. There is a large bronze drum called the "Pejeng Moon", but this "Pejeng Moon" is anything from the 3rd century BC.At that time, there was no technology to make such a large copperware in Japan, so it was an advanced area at that time.

The photo below shows the entrance to Penataran Sasih Temple. There is a gate like Bali. Is the small pond in front of it a star or starfish?

Entrance to Penataran Sasih Temple

The precincts of Penataran Sasih Temple are spacious and pleasant.

Penataran Sasih Temple

The photo below is "Pejeng Moon" at Penataran Sasih Temple. It is a large round drum.

Pejeng Moon at Penataran Sasih Temple

Many stone statues placed in the corner of Penataran Sasih Temple. Probably the old things that were in the precincts were collected here. I know that the central elephant is a Hindu Ganesh god, but who else is ... Other than these, there seems to be nothing interesting for tourists to see at Penataran Sasih Temple.

Stone statues in Penataran Sasih

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