Ubud, Bali->Market in Ubud

The Ubud market is right in front of the Royal Palace, in the center of Ubud city. The feature is that there are a lot of shops selling local goods such as food and daily necessities, as well as souvenirs for tourists. It will be fun to see colorful and cute souvenirs. There should be almost no plastic products made in China.

I don't know if the market building is 3 stories or 4 stories. There are many shops selling food and souvenirs on the 2nd and 3rd floors. What is the 4th floor? Ubud Market

Bali has a lot of cute accessories that you may want for souvenirs or for yourself. Ubud Market

This is a food section on the basement. There are products for local people. Ubud Market

Small bottles lined up in a store just outside the market building. Is it essential oil or something? Ubud Market

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