I went to Ubud, Bali. In the summer of 2012, there was no direct flight to Bali from Chubu International Airport, so I entered Denpasar Airport with a China Airline transfer to Taipei.

Bali Island

I stayed in an old village close to Ubud's Royal Palace where tourists do not come. There is a holiday house, which is almost unknown in Japan, but is available for rent. It may seem expensive to rent a whole house, but it is cheaper than staying in a small hotel for a family of five. And there's even a small pool and a garden pond. At night, you can hear the gamelan of the nearby temple.

Holiday house in Ubud

The surroundings of the holiday house in Ubud look like this. A narrow street runs like a net, and there are typical Balinese houses around it.

Back Streets in Ubud

Based on this house, I visited Ubud and the surrounding ruins. Ye Puru, Goa Gajah, Gunung Kawi and Tirta Umple, a World Heritage site registerd in 2012.

In addition, in response to a request from the second son of a third grader, "I want to see Borobudur if I come to Indonesia!" As an extra edition, I suddenly made arrangements in Ubud and visited as a rushed trip for 2 days and 1 night. As a result, I think it was much cheaper than going from Japan. This site is a collection of such trips and photos taken.

What are you going to see in Bali

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